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Each “mini-lab” is best suited for classroom sized groups up to 25 children and are 1 hour long.
All activities are designed to encourage exploration, problem solving, and creativity.

Perfect for schools, libraries, play groups, scouts, and more!

The cost is $200 per lab (additional traveling fee may apply).

"Fizz, Foam, Bubble, Pop"      Ages 3+

Fun, simple science experiments that can be done at home:

  • Make your own lava lamp!

  • Create a fizzy, colorful, volcano!

  • Blow a bubble mountain with your friends!

"Amazing Insects"                                             

Teaches all about insects through interactive games and activities:


  • See how an insect sees!

  • Pollinate a flower with your very own proboscis!

  • Use your “mandibles” to eat other insects!

"Simple Machines"               Ages 3+

Creative ways to play and learn about the six simple machines:


  • Use a simple pulley to lift heavy objects!

  • Build a marshmallow catapult!

  • Learn as you play through the “workstations”

"Glow in the Dark"                                     Ages 3+
Fun and amazing experiments to teach about the light spectrum:


  • UV reactive face paint- paint your own face!

  • Create a glow worm!

  • Capture your own shadow!

  • Learn the science behind a "black light"

  • create colorful, UV reactive drawings!


"Colorful Creations"                                                   Ages 3+

Introduces the color wheel, light, and inspires imagination and creativity:


  • View the world with rainbow eyes!

  • Create all colors of the rainbow using real scientific equipment!

  • Make a tie dyed flower!     
    Create shadows with the light projector                                                                             

light projector.jpg

“Sense-ational Science"               Ages 5+

Explores the five senses and brain body connections:


  • Trick your taste buds!

  • Guess that smell!

  • Feel to reveal the secret message of the day!

  • Optical Illusions!

"Wacky Weather"                                           Ages 3+            

An interactive “mini-lab” designed to teach children about weather phenomena:


  • Race a tornado!

  • Make your own snow!

  • Create blasts of air to float objects and surprise your friends!

  • Be a meteorologist and measure wind, air pressure, water and temperature!

"Dinosaurs"                        Ages 3+
Young paleontologists discover the world of dinosaurs in this hands-on workshop: 


  • Hatch a baby dinosaur and match it to its mother!

  • Make a fossil!

  • Dig for glow in the dark dino bones!

"States of Matter/Icy Experiments"              Ages 3+

Teaches about solids, liquids, and gases with these hands-on experiments:


  • Grab a handful of gaseous bubbles from the burping volcano!

  • Bounce a bubble off your shirt!

  • Have a cloud of gas poured on your head!







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